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Loofah Your Way To Well-Being

Loofah Your Way To Well-Being

People take a warm bath to release stress and tension. And how good that would be with a loofah body sponge? Most of you would not know, but apart from its cleansing effects, loofahs have some incredible benefits for your skin:

It exfoliates the skin: Best shower loofahs have several natural fibers that function as a scrub. These fibers are non-elastic and durable, which aid in removing the dead skin cells from your skin. This brings out new and more radiant skin. Additionally, these bath sponges also help in extracting pollutants and dirt stuck in your skin pores.

Safe to use: Using loofah negatively affects the skin. This isn't the truth. There are organic, the all-natural source made loofahs which are absolutely safe to use. They don’t contain any artificial substances that may cause any harm to your skin. 

Doesn’t cause skin irritation: Some scrubs are very harsh on your skin peeling out healthy skin cells. This can cause severe irritation and inflammation as well as lead to acne breakouts. Bath and Bodyworks loofah only takes away dead skin cells and dirt, keeping your skin fresh and rejuvenated.

Improves blood circulation: When you scrub loofah over your skin, it causes friction that pumps more flow of blood on the blood vessels. Loofah is therapeutic as it stimulates the small capillaries on the surface of the skin that in turn energizes the body, releases anxiety and stress and leaves your relaxed and calm.

Keeps skin smooth and firm: Loofah is a natural method for exfoliation. It aids in the removal of dry, flaky & dead skin cells allowing brighter and newer skin layers to shine and glow. Loofahs are mildly abrasive and aren’t tough on your skin. Removal of dead skin maintains the skin texture and retains its softness, keeping your skin smooth and firm.

There are some rules to follow for using these bath sponges. Ensure that everyone in your house uses a separate sponge and don’t share it with each other. After using your loofah, wash it using hot water and clean it thoroughly. Besides, make sure that you replace your loofah every three weeks. 

Loofahs have abrasive skin. So don’t aggressively rub on your body or it will leave rashes. Pour some droplets of body wash and brush the scrub from the area beneath your neck. Work up until you have a good lather – scrub it lightly all over your body. Scrape under your armpits, ankles, the heels, and soles of the feet. For the best result, wash the loofah in circular patterns to remove damaged and dead skin cells. 

Depending on your needs, there is a loofah for you. You can avail them in many shapes and sizes. One of the best bath sponges is bath and body works loofah. It can be your ultimate show companion for cherished bath time. Check out our website, Zabiva to find a variety of loofahs.

Posted On: September 03, 2019

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