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DermaQuest Stem Cell 3D Anti-aging Skin Brightening 3D Complex, 1 fl. oz.

from DermaQuest

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DermaQuest Stem Cell 3D Anti-aging Skin Brightening 3D Complex, 1 fl. oz.

A rejuvenating, light and silky cream infused with antioxidants, peptides, plant stem cells and other nourishing botanical ingredients. Massage this treatment gently into the face, neck, and décolleté to entice brighter, smoother skin that radiates with a freshness and glow. Essential protection is given to the skin from the inclusion of Plant Stem Cells and Peptides. Working to enhance the skins naturals barriers to give you supreme resistance that can withstand the pressures of free radicals and everyday pollutants such as UV rays. Antioxidants power through the skin to deliver unrivaled protection while The complex targets fine lines, dark circles, wrinkles, to reduce their appearance, and the Peptides and Stem Cells work to renew and restore an even tone with a glowing more youthful complexion. The lavish anti-aging capacity will reveal skin with more firmness, and that is both tighter and brighter in appearance. Drench your face in a complex that is enriched with natural antioxidants with other clinically proven ingredients. BV-OSC is included to significantly boost the collagen production while also targeting age spots and brightening the facial skin. Quench the skin effortlessly with this moisturizing complex that will leave your face feeling satin smooth. Regain the elasticity in the skin and see visible results after just a short period of use. Indulge your skin with the inclusion of Shea Butter, Jasmine, Aloe, and Vanilla for a complete skin renewal that will protect and brighten intrinsically. DERMAQUEST is the epitome of natural skincare products and has a rich heritage in delivering products that are suited to those with sensitive or dry skin. The Elite range of products within the Stem Cell 3D range offers unrivaled benefits, using powerful ingredients that have been proven to deliver astounding results.

Features of DermaQuest Stem Cell 3D Anti-aging Skin Brightening 3D Complex, 1 fl. oz.

  • ESSENTIAL SKIN PROTECTION: Botanical Stem Cells and Antioxidants give your skin an effective barrier against Free Radicals, UV rays, and other environmental pollutants. The inclusion of Aloe and Vanilla and other Peptides deliver further protection for the skin and coat the surface with a protective layer, shielding the face from the above elements.
  • ADDS MOISTURE & HYDRATES: A complex that works as an ultra-effective moisturizer, drenching the skin with natural botanicals and other key ingredients that prevent dehydration and dry skin. Undergo a complete skin rejuvenation process with the inclusion of stem cell technologies that will target and reveal instantly plumper skin that is more even in appearance.
  • EFFECTIVELY REDUCES THE EFFECTS OF AGING: Fine lines and wrinkles are worked over with remarkable results. Using on the face, neck, and décolleté, your skin with look and feel tighter, brighter, and firmer. All the common effects are combated within a single complex; puffiness, dark circles, and age spots are reduced over time from the regular use of this blemish and redness remover. Your overall complexion will appear youthful and more radiant; significantly reducing the signs of aging.
  • SUPERIOR FORMULATION OF POTENT INGREDIENTS: A revolutionary complex that is packed full of elements that provide insurmountable benefits in a single product. The inclusion of plant stem cells and peptides power your skin to produce more collagen and elastic, skin looks and feels more youthful, firmer, and is tighter. A supple, dewy softness and texture to the skin is easily achieved with natural antioxidants and extracts that combine to restore, replenish and invigorate the skin.
  • SMOOTHS & FIRMS THE SKIN: Your face will be transformed into a velvety soft surface, and the skin will be tighter and smoother throughout. Working to even out the texture of the skin, eradicate imperfections and blemishes while drenching in antioxidants and peptides that rejuvenate and nourish the skin from below the surface. This smoothing and softening formulation will transform the elasticity and collagen stores.

Specification of DermaQuest Stem Cell 3D Anti-aging Skin Brightening 3D Complex, 1 fl. oz.

Product Detail
Dimensions 3.5x3.5x3.5 inches
Weight 0.02 pounds

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