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Sponges, Loofahs & Poufs

Sponges, Loofahs & Poufs

Scrubbing your body with Loofah sponge on a regular basis encourages removing the dead skin, which if left to accumulate, causes the skin to become rough and dry. Moreover, these scrubbers wash off the dirt from the place that is beyond the reach of your hand. When you scrub your body regularly it shares various health benefits likes it helps to exfoliate, improves circulation of blood cells and promotes much smoother and brighter looking skin. Zabiva offers a wide collection of Sponge, Loofahs and Poufs that will work to revitalize your skin and improve its aesthetics. Whether your require Body Sponge or Loofah we provide it all here at Zabiva.com at reasonable price.

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spongeables Zest Pink Pepper Anti-Cellulite Body Wash in a Sponge, Grapefruit, 4 OunceSize: 4.0 oz ..
spongeables Orchid Black Tea Anti-Cellulite Body Wash in a Sponge, Vanilla, 4 OunceAnti-cellulite bo..
Luxury Nylon Bath Puff Sponges - Pack of 10 PinkSoft, hygienic nylon sponges available in an assortm..
Recycline Preserve Razor Triple, 4 Cartridges per Pack, (Pack of 6)Preserve makes stylish, high-perf..
Martha Stewart 32228 Sea Sponge, Set of 6Martha Stewart sea sponge set. Durable, reusable, and grit-..
Essential Medical Supply Everyday Essentials Hourglass Bath SpongeDeluxe bathing sponge includes and..
EcoTools: Loofah Bath SpongeThis large loofah bath sponge exfoliates for smooth, radiant skin! Plus ..
EcoTools EcoPouf Cleansing PadEarth-friendly bathing. Made with natural, sustainable materials. Recy..
Earth Therapeutics Sponge, Natural Cellulose, 1 sponge (Pack of 3)Package Quantity: 3 For sesitive ..
Earth Therapeutics Silk Complexion Mitt 1 unitSilk Complexion Mitt by Earth Therapeutics 1 Mitt The ..
Earth Therapeutics Loofah Complexion Pad 1 unit+ + Product Details: Product Name: Earth Therapeutics..
Earth Therapeutics Loofah Sisal Bath MittEarth Therapeutics Loofah Sisal Bath MittIngredientsThe hig..
Earth Therapeutics Loofah Exfoliating Soap Set 3EAContains 3 - 4.2 oz (120 g) Vegetarian StandardBar..
Earth Therapeutics Loofah Body Scrubber 7" Sponge 1 unitLoofah in its most natural form, this s..
Earth Therapeutics Loofah Body Scrubber 5" Sponge 1 unitEarth Therapeutics Loofah Body Scrubber..
Earth Therapeutics Loofah Back Massager Brush 1 unitBack Massager Loofah w Detachable Handle by Eart..
Earth Therapeutics Hydro Exfoliating Gloves, White, 1 pair (Pack of 4)This package contains one pair..
EARTH THERAPEUTICS Hydro Body Sponge w/Hand Strap-White 1 UNITColor: White This is not your standar..
Earth Therapeutics Exfoliating Body Sponge 1 unitExfoliating Body Sponge by Earth Therapeutics 1 pc ..
Exfoliating Body Sponge - 1 EaEarth Therapeutics: Exfoliating Oval Body Sponge. For gentle cleansing..
Dew Puff Konjac Sponge, Bamboo CharcoalDew Puff facial sponges are made from the root of konjac, a p..
Buf-Puf Facial Sponge (Regular) 1 UnitSize: 1 ea Buf-Puf's Facial Sponge is a gentle, non-irritatin..
Buf-Puf Double-Sided Body Sponge - 1 eaThe secret to really polished, smooth, attractive skin is exf..
Buf-Puf Buf-Puf Body Sponge, 1 eachThis product is not eligible for priority shipping. Image may var..
3M Buf-Puf Facial Sponges Regular 91006 EACHBuf-Puf's Facial Sponge is a gentle, non-irritating spon..
Zadro Z SqueegeeAdd a charming flair to any bathroom with Z Squeegee from Zadro; continually providi..
Twist Sponge Blossoms - 4 countIn nature, if you want things to grow, it takes water. Even the talle..
The Natural Sea Sponge, 7 by 8-INCH, WoolSize: 7 by 8-Inch The Natural Sea Wool sponge is a 100% bi..
Swissco Mediterranean Silk Cosmetic Sponge, 2.5 Inches - 3 InchesOriginated in eastern Mediterranean..
Natural Beige Cleansing Facial Sponges - 12 PackThese 3" round cellulose discs are a great value in ..
Spa Sonic Skin Care System Face and Body Polisher Professional Kit, OrchidGet spa like treatment in ..
Ideaworks Dual Sided Back ScrubberExperience the most invigorating shower of your life. Cleans and m..
Hydra Shower Burst Healing - Lavender Tea TreeScent Name: Healing Buy Hydra Loofahs - Hydra Shower ..
EcoTools: Ramie Bath and Shower Mitt 1 piece, colors may vary Be Clean. Be Too! Make the most of you..
Eco Tools Exfoliating EcoPouf Bath Sponge, 1 eaFront label panel: ecoTOOLS earth-friendly beauty eco..
Earth Therapeutics Sponge, Natural Cellulose, 1 spongeFor sesitive skin. Botanically derived from pl..
Earth Therapeutics Skin Therapy Loofah Complexion Pads (Pack of 12)Naturally buffs away dirt & surfa..
Earth Therapeutics Purifying Vegetable Body Sponge: Infused With Medicinal Charcoal NEW!Medicinal Ch..
Earth Therapeutics Oval Terry Loofah Pad (1XLOOFAH)Earth Therapeutics 1X Loofah Oval Terry Loofah Pa..
Earth Therapeutics Hydro Body Sponge, with Hand Strap, White (Pack of 12)This specially designed bod..
Earth Therapeutics Hydro Body Sponge, with Hand Strap, Pink (Pack of 12)This specially designed body..
Earth Therapeutics Hydro Body Sponge, with Hand Strap, Natural (Pack of 12)This specially designed b..
Earth Therapeutics Hydro Body Sponge, with Hand Strap, Light Green (Pack of 12)This specially design..
Earth Therapeutics Hydro Body Sponge, with Hand Strap, Blue (Pack of 12)This specially designed body..
Earth Therapeutics - Exfoliating Hydro Gloves Natural - 1 PairColor: Natural .Ingredients100% nylon..
Earth Therapeutics Earth Elementals Loofah, Body Scrubber (Pack of 12)Massages par friction. Loofah ..
Earth Therapeutics Earth Elementals Loofah, Back Massager, 1 each (Pack of 3)Massages par friction. ..
Earth Therapeutics Body Sponge, Exfoliating, 1 each (Pack of 4)For gentle cleansing, get back to bas..