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Haruen (2013 Model) Ceramic Skin Roller /Facial Oil Blotting Control,treatment for Acne, Remove Blackhead

from haruen (2013 model)

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Haruen (2013 Model) Ceramic Skin Roller /Facial Oil Blotting Control,treatment for Acne, Remove Blackhead

[Cleansing ball /Facial Oil blotting Control,Treatment for acne, Remove blackhead][New concept Various funtion product made with Natural volcanic stone!!][Haruen (Cleansing ball) - Facial Oil blotting Control, Treatment for acne blackhead, Correction of deformities] [Package included : Body 1 piece , cleansing ball 4 pieces.] [one ball is usable for 15 - 21days.]-1.Remove make up with cleansing cream and wipe it out with tissue.-2.Scrub and massage your face with the Cleansing Ball for 5-10 minutes.-3.Wash face with foam cleansing when you feel no oil on your face.-4.After washing face use moisturizer or nutrition cream.(Moisturizer or nutrition cream can be absorbed into skin deeply) [Cleansing oil ▶ Washing ▶ Cleansing Ball] -1.Remove make up with cleansing oil.-2.Wash face with foam cleansing.-3.Scrub and massage your face with the Cleansing Ball for 5-10 minutes.-4.Use moisturizer or nutrition cream don't need to wash again after using Cleansing Ball------[[[[[How to use one ball for about 1 month]]]]]------Usually, 1 ball is available for about 2 weeks. but, once follow below steps, you can use one ball for about 1 month.-1. rub soap on towel (it's ok to make a lot bubble).-2. apply ball on towel rolling it tightly until stains will be removed.-2. Rinse under running water fastly. (don't let it in water for a long time. because chances are it will be broken.)--------[[[[how to remove stains of makeup]]]]------- When you use it, there is some stain of makeup (not oil. because oil disappears gradually) on this ball. but it has nothing to do with the performance of this product. if you want to remove this stain, 1. wash it with wet towel with soap. 2. Rinse under running water.

Features of Haruen (2013 Model) Ceramic Skin Roller /Facial Oil Blotting Control,treatment for Acne, Remove Blackhead

  • -Usage:[It removes facial oil under makeup(New concept product)] - substitute for facial blotting paper [Pore management] - The most featuring point of Cleansing Ball is removing pores on face. because it was developed by Nano-Tech that has innovative function compared to existing product. [Patent Method] - The world-first ,echo-friendly pore management product using 100% natural Nano-material (Natural volcanic stone). [Removal of oil & Wastes] - Prevents skin trouble by removing oily substance on the face and wastes in the pores. The product always can keep the skin clean and elastic as well as prevent the cause of skin troubles. [Various funtion] - A product for total pore management, which doubles the effects of functional cosmetics and can be used for treatment of acne, removal of oil and blackhead and correction of deformities of face. [Natural product] - Different from existing artificial pore management product using chemical substances because Cleansing Ball is natural product that removes pore naturally.
  • -Characteristics:[Removal of the facial oil & waste inside the pores and deliver water and nutrition into the skin]- water and oil have an antipathy to each other! - a mediator to help remove the debris inside the pores and deliver water and nutrition into the skin for perfect makeup.[100% natural product from natural material that is harmless for face and environment] [Acceptable to any face type: dry, oily, and complex type][Stimulates blood vessel by facial massage and vitalizes face] [Best portability & simple][Different from time consuming conventional product for cleansing by massaging 510 min with Cleansing Ball and effect of skin care, too!!][Removal of the facial oil & waste inside the pores and effect of far-Infrared radiation and meridian massage at once!!][Creates new paradigm to the existing skincare market and expected to open matchless market!!]
  • -Characteristics/Functions: [1. Cleansing Ball is Skincare Tool specially manufactured by nanotechnology containing nano properties.][2. In general, nanoporous materials indicate mesoporous materials with the pore size range between 0.4-100 nm.][3. The material of Cleansing Ball is at the nanoscale porosities with the various sizes between 1nm60㎛ without mechanical or physical process.][4. This product is composed of 150 thousands ? 300 thousands of porosities per 1㎤, the material has excellent adsorptive, adhesive, antibacterial and germicidal power and emits far infrared ray thanks to the nano characters such as strong adsorptive and adhesive power and ion exchanging action.][5. Oil and pollutants accumulate as hardened plugs on face and pores become bigger. And these blackheads may lead skin troubles by oxidation, when oil and dead cells are contacted with air.][6pulsary Squeezing of the blackheads makes the oil trapped inside and becomes infected and produced the bigger pores. And it often leaves permanent scars and may lead to infection or pigment blemishes][7. In those case, the Cleansing Ball is recommendable as not only removes impurities and sebum, but also provides the blood vessel massage effect by the far infrared ray emitted from the Cleansing Ball at the same time. In general, we used to cleanse our face with cleansing cream used of oil and finish with foam cleanser so the excessive sebum can not be removed perfectly when washing face.]
  • -Application Theory: [The theory of Cleansing Ball containing natural silica is that the porous formation with the various sizes between 1nm60㎛ absorb excessive sebum, oil and impurities on the skin into porosities to unclog the pores. The silica has excellent effects for keeping elasticity of skin, skin whitening and treatment of pimples. When massaging our face with the Cleansing Ball, we can experience massage and far infrared ray effects simultaneously by the heat friction of the Cleansing Ball. At the same time, its excellent antibacterial effect prevents propagation of harmful bacteria causing skin troubles.][Removing effect of wastes and impurities][Effect of far-infrared Ray]-1.Vitalization of Human Tissue-:Delay of face aging/Removal of pimple, freckle, age spot -2.Increasing Metabolism: Increase of blood flow/ improving blood circulation/ Overcoming fatigue / Relieving Hangover-3.Healing Wounds and Increasing Immunity: improving skin ailment / Healing wounds / Increasing Immunity-4.Relieving Stress : Maintenance of stable brainwave / overall smooth physiological function/phsycological calm.[Meridian Massage Effect]-1.making a small face by improving blood circulation-2.improving the female hormones and living organs, delays skin aging-3.Improving valenced face-4.Relieving facial muscle & making egg-shaped face-5.Decreasing of eye-fatigue and headache-6.improving metabolism to keep elasticity of skin and anti-wrinkle
  • [Cleansing]-We can not expect the good effect of moisturizer or nutrition cream, when wastes and oil remain in the skin, as the cosmetic cannot be transported into the skin deeply. Since the Cleansing Ball removes the remaining impurities and oil in the pores, we can have excellent effect of moisturizer or nutrition cream.[Pore care]-Excessive sebum & facial waste is the main cause of extension of Pore!For pore management, the existing products with chemical substances keep your pores unclogged and closed artificially. Therefore, they are totally different from the Cleansing Ball made of natural elements, which unclogs and closes the pores in the most natural way.The Cleansing Ball can absorb oil and impurities by opening pores naturally thanks to the heat from the far infrared ray.

Specifications of Haruen (2013 Model) Ceramic Skin Roller /Facial Oil Blotting Control,treatment for Acne, Remove Blackhead

Shipping Weight7.2 ounces
Shipping CountryTRUE
Shipping TimeApproximately 2-5 weeks.

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