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Just for Men Brush-In Color Gel, Darkest Brown, 1 Kit, (Pack of 3) - Packaging May Vary

from Just for Men

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Just For Men Brush-In Color Gel, Darkest Brown, 1 Kit, (Pack of 3) - Packaging May Vary

Mustaches, beards & sideburns. Targets only gray for a natural look. 5 Easy minutes. The world's leader in men's haircolor. Formulated for facial hair. Penetrates coarse, resistant facial hair. No-drip thick gel conditions and softens as it colors. Looks Natural: Targets only the gray hair. Replace it with subtle tones that match your natural hair color. Really Lasts: deep-penetrating color lasts until gray grows back. And, you get multiple applications from every box. Fast and Easy: Gets rid of gray in 5 minutes. Easy application with ergonomic brush. Can't-miss color. Just For Men with True color Formula comes in 11 natural-looking shades. So, it's easy to find one that truly matches your natural hair color. Can't decide between two shades? Try the lighter one first. You can always go darker later. Made in USA.

Safety Warning
This product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals and a preliminary test according to accompanying directions should first be made. This product should not be used for dyeing the eyelashes and eyebrows - to do so may cause blindness. Do not use if you have skin depigmentation problems such as white patches on your skin (a condition called Vitiligo), or if you have a family history of skin depigmentation problems, as an allergic reaction or skin irritation may cause loss of skin pigment.
Water, Coco Glucoside, Aminomethyl Propanol, P-Phenylenediamine, Resorcinol, Carbomer, Fragrance, M-aMinophenol, Sodium Sulfite, N,N-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-p-pheNyleNe-diamiNe Sulfate, Erythorbic Acid, P-aminoPhenol, 2-4-Diaminophenoxyethanol Sulfate, Caramel, Trisodium Edta, Cinnamidopropyltrimonium Chloride, 2-Amino-4-hydroxyethyl-Aminoanisole Sulfate, Laurdimonium Hydroxypropyl Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Aloe Vera Extract, Chamomile Extract. Color Developer: Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Glyceryl Stearate, Peg-100 Stearate.
What you need.
Timer, clock or watch.
Old shirt (to cover you against stains).
Old towels (to cover counters to protect against stains).
Damp paper towel (to wipe skin if haircolor gets on it).
Shampoo (preferably for color-treated hair).
Important: wash face after application, not before.
1. Wearing gloves, squeeze a line from color base tube into the mixing tray on one side of the raised line.
Squeeze an equal amount of color developer into the mixing tray on the other side of the raised line.
(Note: avoid getting mix on clothing and other porous surfaces; permanent staining could occur. Protect clothing and surfaces with old towels or shirt.
Wash spills immediately with soap and water. For resistant skin stains, use cold creme or peroxide).
2. Mix product with the plastic end of the brush until thoroughly blended.
Wipe ends of tubes (to prevent staining). Replace caps to avoid exposure to air.
(Note: once mixed, use immediately, and then discard excess product. Depending on the amount of gray hair, you may need a second application to cover gray completely).
1. Apply quickly. Use brush to apply mix to dry hair. Do not massage product in with your hands.
Brush up and down gently to cover all hair evenly. Prepare more product as needed.
(Note: save unmixed product for next use, but do not use after 3 months, to ensure highest level of effectiveness).
2. Important: time yourself carefully with timer, clock or watch starting after application is completed. Waiting only 5 minutes or a bit less prevents color from going too dark.
While waiting, thoroughly rinse and remove residue from brush, tray and gloves to prepare for next use.
3. Rinse product off facial hair with warm water in the shower until water runs clear.
Wash facial hair thoroughly in the shower with shampoo, not bar soap. Always rinse and shampoo in shower even if you color only a small portion of your hair. We recommend Just For Men™ 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner to keep your color looking fresh and natural.
Towel dry as usual.
Remember to perform the allergy patch test 48 hours before each use.
Easy step-by-step directions.
Before you color read this first.
Do a simple allergy patch test 48 hours before each application.
Allergic reactions (itching, burning, redness) to permanent hair dyes, including Just For Men, can occur and in rare instances can be severe.
A reaction can occur even though you had no reaction during previous usage. You must do this patch test on the inside bend of your elbow 48 hours ahead of each and every use in order to minimize the risk of an allergic reaction. (This is an allergy test, not a color preview).
1. Wash test area. With mild soap and water, wash an area about the size of a quarter on the inside bend of your elbow. Pat dry.
2. Mix and apply product. Unscrew the caps from the color developer and the color base tubes.
Mix small, equal parts of the color base and the color developer in the mixing tray with the plastic end of the brush.
Tightly recap both tubes.
Apply mixture with a cotton ball or swab to a test area the size of a quarter on the inside bend of your elbow. Allow to dry.
3. Do not wash, cover or disturb test area for 48 hours.
Examine the test area during the next 48 hours. If you get no reaction on the unwashed patch test site after 48 hours, go ahead with full application of Just for Men.
Note: If at any time during the testing, you see redness or rash, or feel burning, itching or other irritation, you may be allergic. Stop!! Wash area immediately and keep it uncovered. You must not use Just for Men or any other haircoloring.
4. What to do if you have a reaction during or within the next 48 hours after coloring your hair.
If during coloring you experience:
Any stinging, burning and/or rash, shampoo out immediately and discontinue use as this may be an indication of a more serious reaction. Do not color your hair again before seeking medical advice.
Rapidly spreading skin rash, dizziness, faintness, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, tightness of chest, hives or swelling to eyes/face, blistering of skin or scalp weeping - Seek immediate medical attention.
If after coloring or on the following days you experience: problems such as skin itching, skin rash, swelling to eyes/face, blistering, skin or scalp weeping - seek immediate medical attention.

Features of Just For Men Brush-In Color Gel, Darkest Brown, 1 Kit, (Pack of 3) - Packaging May Vary

  • Targets only the gray for a natural look
  • Formulated for facial hair
  • Works in 5 easy minutes
  • Multiple applications in each box
  • Packaging may vary

Specifications of Just For Men Brush-In Color Gel, Darkest Brown, 1 Kit, (Pack of 3) - Packaging May Vary

Item model number4901

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