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Back to the Classic 80's Makeup Trends in 2018 - Posted On: December 03, 2018
“The difficult thing is to not take the return of a style literally, but to give it a little twist, and that is what makes it modern.”  — Marian Newman Living through those classic years of the 80's was an interesting experience in history — especially for the beauty trends that it set for the world to follow. The big, bold trends with bushy brows and blush overload were such a hit that their comeback was a promising phenomenon. The ...
Beauty, as what most people perceive, has always been centred more on outward structure than the one lying inside. Most of the people, even the most beautiful and successful ones, will concur that there are days when they wake up feeling ugly about themselves. Feeling more attractive and desirable has got a lot to do with the outward appearance that one carries and this, in turn, is greatly influenced by one’s body confidence and lifestyle. Here are the ways to feel awesome a...