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EYE WONDER by VASANTI - Triple Action Paraben-Free Eye Treatment Cream Clinically Proven Peptides & Botanicals - Helps with Dark Circles, Wrinkles, Puffiness (20mL)

from Vasanti Cosmetics

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EYE WONDER - Triple Action Eye Treatment Cream with Peptides & Botanicals for Dark Circles, Puffiness & Wrinkles - Paraben Free

"It's working :)" "I've already seen a difference" "Skin around my eyes is starting to look more plump and moisturized" "The dark circles are diminishing and the puffiness around my eyes is reducing" "I noticed a difference within days"

They've Experienced The Puffiness & Wrinkle Eliminating, Dark-Circle-Zapping POWER Of Our Triple Action EYE WONDER...Are YOU Next?

Drop Years From Your Face In Just Weeks
No matter what the root cause is (aging, stress, poor diet, low collagen, poor elasticity, hereditary reasons etc.)...we've got you completely covered. Try our 36 day under eyes "wonder" cream, you're going to absolutely LOVE the results! Quality, Clinically Proven Ingredients That WORK
Anti-aging products are NOT created equally... We formulated our premium cream with clinically proven peptides and botanicals and NO parabens or dangerous fillers to ensure that you'll get REAL results! See the Ingredients section to read up on all the benefits of each active ingredient included in EYE WONDER.Treat Yourself, You Deserve It!
Don't wait around for your eye area to get worse, do something about it! So many of our customers have tried other eye creams that simply didn't work and write back to us about how thrilled they are to finally get the RESULTS they were looking for...Give it a try and if for any reason you don't like the product you can return it within 30 days of purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: EYE WONDER is Vasanti's all time #1 selling product at retail. Click Add to Cart and order today while quantities last.

For mature women and anyone who would like to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, puffiness around eyes, brighten dark circles, boost collagen, moisturize, firm and tighten, plus so much more...our safe and effective EYE WONDER Cream is your ideal choice.
Our Proven Ingredients at Active Levels Include: #1. Dermican: a tetra-peptide that promotes restructuring of the skin, thickens and firms to improve the appearance of dark circles caused by thinning skin (clinical studies show 82% of volunteers got a positive effect with improvement of skin thickness and firmness). #2. Eurol BT: a natural olive extract that inhibits tyrosinase production, lightens and brightens dark circles caused by increased melanin production. #3. Haloxyl: a peptide that reinforces the structure of the skin and reduces the appearance of dark under eye circles caused by weakened and broken blood vessels and capillaries (blood- bilirubin- looks red in color and under the skin looks like a bruise). #4. Eyeliss: helps prevent and reduce undereye puffiness by decreasing the capillary permeability and increasing lymphatic circulation, elasticity, and firmness -as well as reducing inflammation. #5. Matrixyl 3000: one of the most effective peptides in achieving an anti-wrinkle and lifting effect. Restructures and repairs the extracellular matrix (contains matirikines which are messengers of cutaneous restructuration). #6. Phytelene 773: a blend of marine algaes with hydrating and anti-aging properties. In other words, our power-packed blend of active ingredients have been scientifically formulated to WORK, 100% Safely and Effectively!
For maximum results, apply a small amount with your ring finger all around the eye area, twice per day for 36 days. Watch as the powerful cream goes to work for you, giving you noticeable results in just weeks. You can apply our cream alone or underneath your makeup during the day and again overnight. After your 36 day results, you only need to apply once per day for maintenance. Avoid direct contact with your eyes and allow enough time to absorb prior to applying your moisturizer. You can also use our triple action cream on your face as an allover treatment to brighten your skin and minimize the look of wrinkles anywhere on your face. Of course, individual results will vary. Following these directions will help you to fully optimize your results safely.

Features of EYE WONDER - Triple Action Eye Treatment Cream with Peptides & Botanicals for Dark Circles, Puffiness & Wrinkles - Paraben Free

  • REDUCE DARK CIRCLES, WRINKLES, & PUFFINESS! - You're looking at a unique formula that works, there's a reason that it's a top seller for Vasanti - Give it a try today!
  • IMPROVE YOUR EYE AREA AND LOOK YOUNGER IN JUST WEEKS! - Contains a blend of clinically proven botanicals and peptides at ACTIVE levels to truly give results no matter the cause of dark circles or aging skin.
  • SIMPLE APPLICATION, EASY RESULTS THAT LAST! - In less than 2 minutes a day, you can be on your way to reducing your dark circles and wrinkles...without any health risks! EYE WONDER is 100% paraben free and full of natural ingredients and peptides that will not harm your skin.
  • GIVE YOURSELF AND YOUR EYES A BOOST! - Treat yourself to a product that actually works! See what our customers are raving about!
  • BEST VALUE (HUGE 20mL JAR) ON AMAZON! - You only need a tiny amount of product per application...Our huge 20mL jar will last for up to 6 months, giving you lasting results.

Specifications of EYE WONDER - Triple Action Eye Treatment Cream with Peptides & Botanicals for Dark Circles, Puffiness & Wrinkles - Paraben Free

Shipping Weight2.4 ounces

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